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I am Natasha I'm in my 20's I have a lovely husband Jamie and beautiful one year old daughter, Alba. Our second child I due 2nd Feb. This is my place to document and vent about my life as a wife and mother, my battle to loose weight, my new found love with crocheting, my addiction with taking photos.

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Here is my face! I’ve been in a bit of a funk today 😕 I am trying pull myself out of it. Mind over matter! If I keep telling myself that it has got to help right!

Here is my face! I’ve been in a bit of a funk today 😕 I am trying pull myself out of it. Mind over matter! If I keep telling myself that it has got to help right!

Alba and I are both in crappy moods this morning! 😫 she is walking around whining for no reason and I want to do the same! Hopefully a trip to town and play group will cheer us both up! Meeeeeh 😣


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I want one!!

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ourmagicalfamily said: Can any of you mama's recommend a good baby carrier that would be good for a new born and a 2 year old?



I know the lovely takeatumsforthat knows a bunch about carriers so I’m tagging her in this. I’m also looking at crunchydad to chime in if possible!  Anybody else have any input?

I used a infantino mei tai from when Francis was about 3 months until he turned two, it was still comfortable with him, but I invested in an ergo, and I was gifted a maya wrap ring sling, and they both work wonderfully! I wish I had had them sooner.

Would you say the ergo was better than the mei tai then? I was thinking the ergo but worried it wouldn’t fit me as I’m bigger. I would want to try one on first.

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I need baby carrier opinions!

We want to get a new carrier. We have a Moby and we LOVE it. However we want one that we could maybe put Alba in too if we need to. We want to avoid a double pushchair at all costs but Alba isn’t ready to be walking all the time. We figure we can have the baby in the carrier and have Alba in the stroller, we are also going to get Alba a buggy board.
So here is where you’re opinion is needed. Any baby carriers that are good for a new born and 2 year old (not at the same time obviously). Our friend has a ergo and we liked the look of that. We also like the stokke mycarrier! Any opinions or ideas would be appreciated!

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Pahahaha!! This makes me chuckle!

Pahahaha!! This makes me chuckle!

Some of my favourite pics from Alba’s birthday party. It went so well. For her first birthday we had it at a children’s cafe in town. They dealt with the food, the were toys and lots of space for the kids and of course I didn’t have to worry about the mess but I think I preferred to do it myself. It was much cheaper and I got to arrange some nice activities for the kids and although Alba fell asleep a hour into it and missed the games I think it was a success. 

This marks the end of Alba’s birthday celebrations. I think she really enjoyed it. I am so proud of the little 2 year old she has become. She is so loving and smart, not to mention bloody beautiful! And I made her, I grew her in my belly gave her nutrition and kept her safe to this point. Obviously Jamie can also take half the credit but I am ever so proud!

*Edit* Ooopps I wrote 23 on my board :( will have to sort that out later!

*2nd edit* I fixed the pictures so I have the right week haha!

How Far Along: 22- the weeks are zooming by so quickly!

Sleep: Been sleeping really well, still quite tired though.

Baby Purchases this week: Tiny baby coat and some t-shirts, was also given a huge box of baby clothes from a friend.

Best moment regarding baby this week: Jamie feeling him kick for the first time. It was so lovely :)

Gender: Bouncing baby BOY!!

Movement: Regular movement through out the day but mainly in the evening, getting stronger all the time.

Food Cravings: Curry nom nom nom

Food Aversions: Nothing new.

How’s Mama? Extra hormonal this week, and tired. Crying at the drop of a hat!

What I am looking forward to: Getting more stuff ready for little boys arrival.

Our Baby in Veggie/Fruit Terms: Papaya

We have an additional photo this week because as Jamie was taking the photos he said how nice my bump was looking and he snapped a picture whilst I looked down to admire my bump and give it a rub

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Alba’s birthday party today 😃

So excited. …if a little anxious about having 8 under 5’s rampaging around my home!

It is Jamie’s pay day so we did a bit of shopping for the children! I especially love the cute jumpsuit for Alba for next summer and the little rain cloud trousers for Lincoln. The trousers cost more than I would usually spend on one item of clothing but they are fleecy and so soft and feel really good quality!